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avoidxcesses wrote in synthetichair
Hello everyone. My name is Amy (located in the U.S.) and I make dreadfalls, cyberlox, and foam falls. Please look under the cut for my prices and examples of my work. Thanks for your time.

Below you will find a price guide for my most popular products. Please note that these are guide prices (and do not include shipping) and to get an exact price you must contact me through email at and request a quote.

I can make any combination of falls from most materials. If you don't see what you want, please drop me an email and I can give you a custom quote on the exact custom hair piece that you are after. If you want combination dread/cyberlox falls let me know what you're looking for and I will quote you a price, seeing as how cyberlox material is so retardedly expensive!

Dread Falls:

* Short Length (*8 inch) - Single $35 Pair $50
* Medium Length (*10 inch) - Single $45 Pair $60
* Long Length (*14+ inch) - Single $55 Pair $80

Add $10 to have curly dreads

*Lengths stated are a rough guide, note that lengths may vary slightly.

Most times, you will get some long ones in there depending on how the backcombing of the hair goes.


Cyberlox falls are sold in pairs and are made of high quality mesh tubing.
Other materials and types of tubing can be added or used if requested.

* Short Length (10 inches) -Pair $60
* Medium Length (15 inches) -Pair $70
* Long Length (20 inches) -Pair $80

If you'd like only one cyberlox ponyfall I can make one for you in any length, let me know what you want and I'll quote ya!

Combination falls, like cyberlox with foam, start at $120.


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