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hair lot
tragedy324 wrote in synthetichair

It's been a long time..

I used to run, but I have been super busy with work and school, so I haven't really been making falls much anymore..

I am getting rid of the last of my stock. I'd like to sell it as a lot, by will sell off indiviual pieces. Paypal or money order. I have feedback on ebay under   :  xsynthetic_obsessionx.

Here is what I have :

1/2 pk black track long
1/4 pk white track long
1 pk hot pink kk
1 grey/silver costume wig
1 pk magenta kk
2 pks red kk
1 pk blue jumbo
1 pk purple w/ white tips kk
1 pk navy jumbo
1/2 pk white kk
1 pk light pink silky
1/2 pk dark blonde wavy weft (track)
1/2 pk brown short track
1 full bag of various lengths jumbo braid (black, green, orange,auburn)
1 set of unmade dreads , short , in auburn, blonde, red)  40 ct
1 set blue/green eyelash yarn falls
1 set short twist falls green purple black white
1 black costume wig short
1 small bag misc unmade dreads
rexlace   red white silver sparkles varied amounts on rolls

pics can be made available upon request, if interested.

Please comment with any questions!

Great starter materials for a beginner!!

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hey, i was lookin to start making some for personal use, and was trying to find the cheapest way possible, im not looking for any crazy colors just yet, just some simple blonde,brown maybe some black and red, and the comb to get it started, my email address is please shoot me an email and let me know where i can find good synthetic hair for cheap, or if you still have some stuff your selling id like to look into that! thanks

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